Shots of tequila and pineapple juice before 11am to say goodbye to a friend leaving the paradise in Otres to cold Europe! That's life in Otres Village.

Encounter in Otres 2

Every day I wake up early for a run on the beach, when it is empty and the sand is firm. Yesterday it wasn't different. And, it was in the end of Otres 2 that I met him, alone, lost in his thoughts. He was confused and had let the currents carry him. He was … Continue reading Encounter in Otres 2

Encontro em Otres 2

Todos os dias saio cedinho pra uma corridinha na praia, quando está vazio e a areia tá firme. Ontem não foi diferente. E foi no fim de Otres 2 que o encontrei, sozinho, perdido, sem rumo. Percebi que ele se distraiu e se deixou levar pela maré, e agora já não conseguia ver que estava … Continue reading Encontro em Otres 2