About me

euI am travelling, discovering, reinventing myself and meeting incredible people on my way. Here I try to share some inspiring stories about amazing people I meet.

I post in English and in Portuguese. If you want to know anything about the place I am or the places I have been, don’t hesitate to tell me. I will love to write about it!

PT brazilian-clipart-9tzxggate

Estou viajando, descobrindo, me reinventando e conhecendo pessoas incríveis pelo caminho. Aqui, compartilho um pouco sobre pessoas maravilhosas e inspiradoras que conheço pelo caminho.

Eu escrevo em Inglês e Português – atualmente mais em inglês do que Português, mas se quiser algum post em Português, pode pedir que traduzo. Se você quiser saber algo sobre o lugar onde estou ou sobre locais por onde passei, fique à vontade para me falar. Vou adorar compartilhar minhas experiências!

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Patricia,
    Thanks for your inspirational posts! I was so happy to find information about Truc Lam monastery in Dalat; i am a Thich Nhat Hanh student and will be in Vietnam. Your experience is exactly what I am looking for, I will be traveling and need some préparation and I can’t contact them; may I ask you if it was difficult to ask for a retreat, just like you did, going everyday up to the monastery? Was it upon donation or what is the price they ask? Was it difficult to ride your bike up? Thanks a lot for taking the time for answering me. May safe are your journey.

    Kind regards,



  2. Dear Patricia,
    Sorry for posting this unappropriate message here, I had all the answers in your comments of the article
    Thank you


    • No problem. I dont get any notifications from comments in that website, so Im glad you found me here. I f you need anything else, dont hesitate to ask. I loved that place and I hope you will enjoy there too. Safe travel!


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