Organic, local, sustainable and engaging!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could buy vegetables directly from the local farmers, fresh, with good price and from people who care about the food they sell? So that is what I’ve found this week buying my vegetables from Lekkernassûh (Den Haag slang for good food). The cooperative sells organic vegetables and fruits gathered … Continue reading Organic, local, sustainable and engaging!

What are weapons good for?

Killing, harming and destroying, you would say. But the Mexican artist Pedro Reyes found another purpose for destructive weapons: making music! In the sonic art installation Disarm, you can see the power of transformation, where weapons are turned into musical instruments. Pedro Reyes used 6.700 firearms confiscated by the Mexican government on the fight against … Continue reading What are weapons good for?

Music is in the air

I had never really thought about who was behind those songs that come from some bell towers around Europe. In The Hague, The Netherlands, you can hear these songs every day of week in several locations. I had the opportunity to see a carillon from the inside and here you can see what this amazing … Continue reading Music is in the air