Singapore – love at first sight

I've never really wanted to visit Singapore, as big cities are not really my thing. But, recently I had to go there to solve some Visa issue and I have to admit that the city was a pleasant surprise. It is green🌳🌿🍃🍀 Every time I've pictured Singapore in my mind, it would come the images … Continue reading Singapore – love at first sight


Às vezes dá errado, pra dar certo… Um pouco de como eu vim parar aqui

Sabe aquela fase merda? Demitida de um emprego, cheia de contas pra pagar, tédio, uma dívida daquele famoso financiamento da Caixa… daquele jeito. Chorava dia sim e noite também, não sabia o que fazer da vida. Qual a solução? Viajar claro. Não, gente, eu não tinha dinheiro, queria fazer outro carnê, a louca! Primeira decisão, … Continue reading Às vezes dá errado, pra dar certo… Um pouco de como eu vim parar aqui

Finding Zen in Vietnam

When I decided to go to South East Asia, one thing that I wanted was to learn about Buddhism, however, some people advised me that I wouldn’t find places to join in Vietnam, my first stop. So, I visited pagodas all over the country but always just as a tourist. And it wasn’t until I … Continue reading Finding Zen in Vietnam

Feliz aniversário, Buda!

Então, ontem foi aniversário do Buda ou, como chamam aqui na Tailândia, Visakha Bucha Day. Eu nem tinha ideia desse feriado, uma das minhas colegas de casa me chamou e me colocou num grupo do Facebook para essa caminhada até o templo… e lá fui eu! Mal sabia eu que esse é um dos e … Continue reading Feliz aniversário, Buda!

On the move again

So, due to some weird thing that happened to me in Cambodia, I've decided to change country before planned. Now heading to Thailand. This will be my third time using Giant Ibis and it has been reliable and comfortable. Not the cheapest option amongst the busses companies, but it has been serving me well. Let's … Continue reading On the move again

Shots of tequila and pineapple juice before 11am to say goodbye to a friend leaving the paradise in Otres to cold Europe! That's life in Otres Village.

Encounter in Otres 2

Every day I wake up early for a run on the beach, when it is empty and the sand is firm. Yesterday it wasn't different. And, it was in the end of Otres 2 that I met him, alone, lost in his thoughts. He was confused and had let the currents carry him. He was … Continue reading Encounter in Otres 2