Writing tool

For those who have to write longs texts such as thesis or maybe for someone out there who is writing a book, Scrivener is a great tool (I have payed for it and I'm not sponsored, in case you are wondering). I used it to write my thesis and it helped me to organize my … Continue reading Writing tool


Finding Zen in Vietnam

When I decided to go to South East Asia, one thing that I wanted was to learn about Buddhism, however, some people advised me that I wouldn’t find places to join in Vietnam, my first stop. So, I visited pagodas all over the country but always just as a tourist. And it wasn’t until I … Continue reading Finding Zen in Vietnam

On the move again

So, due to some weird thing that happened to me in Cambodia, I've decided to change country before planned. Now heading to Thailand. This will be my third time using Giant Ibis and it has been reliable and comfortable. Not the cheapest option amongst the busses companies, but it has been serving me well. Let's … Continue reading On the move again

Hurting ourselves

The teachings of Buddha are often transmitted through little parabolas, stories that contain the essence of buddhism in a simple and cheerful way. In the zen monastery, where I stayed for few days in Vietnam, I was given a book with some of these stories, and I will share them here. I've practiced this teaching … Continue reading Hurting ourselves

Encounter in Otres 2

Every day I wake up early for a run on the beach, when it is empty and the sand is firm. Yesterday it wasn't different. And, it was in the end of Otres 2 that I met him, alone, lost in his thoughts. He was confused and had let the currents carry him. He was … Continue reading Encounter in Otres 2

People I meet on the road – Steve

I have to say that the best thing of travelling is not the incredible views I see or the amazing food I eat. These are enough reason to travel, I agree, however, for me, what makes me realize how meaningful traveling is, are the people I meet on the road. So I will try to … Continue reading People I meet on the road – Steve

Cafés de Hanói

Experience a military style in one of the branches of Cong Caphé. Great ambience, some tables and sits might not be so comfy, but come on, it is a war!