Organic, local, sustainable and engaging!

img_7700Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could buy vegetables directly from the local farmers, fresh, with good price and from people who care about the food they sell? So that is what I’ve found this week buying my vegetables from Lekkernassûh (Den Haag slang for good food). The cooperative sells organic vegetables and fruits gathered directly from local farms. Everything is organized by volunteers and the initiative promotes the community interaction. Curious? This is how it works.lekker
Every week you can pick up your vegetables from a market that take place on Wednesdays. The price is fixed on 12 euro, but if you volunteer for four hours each two months the price drops to 10 euro. You sign up on their website and state if you want the week package by Sunday. On Monday or Tuesday you receive an email with what you will get and from which producer each product comes from. What have I got this week?IMG_7475

  • 1 green celery
  • 1 lettuce
  • 1 cucumber
  • 400 gram paprika
  • 600 grams tomatoes
  • 700 gram broad beans
  • 500 grams fennel

IMG_7476At the mini-market you weight the vegetables yourself and place in your own bag – as the market promotes sustainability, so no packaging. There are also other vegetables that you can buy apart, not mentioning cheese and homemade bread, which is simply delicious!!


Isn’t it great? I loved for many reasons:

  • People are really nice there and the idea is that you engage with the community. They want to promote an environment where your food is handled by people who you know and who cares about the food they sell;
  • The price is excellent and everything organic and well-selected;
  • You receive different kinds of vegetables every week and seasonal, what makes you eat more varieties, making your cooking healthier. For example, I would never buy broad beans or fennel, but they are already in my kitchen making a huge success;
  • It is good for the environment, the vegetables travel a small distance and there is less packaging involved;
  • You help local producers.

I will go back for sure! Do you know some great initiative like that? Why not promote something in your community?


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